April 5, 2020
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April 30, 2020

Xperanti’s Top 5 Save Earth Solutions

Xperanti’s Top 5 Save Earth Solutions

“SELF-ENFORCEMENT is the NEW NORM. Everyone is empowered and responsible to make an impact – in our quest towards a smarter nation and a smarter world.”
Vicks Kanagasingam, CEO, Xperanti


Earth’s environmental threats include global warming caused by CO2 emissions and pollutions. IoT (Internet of Things) can be a huge ally in reducing the impact and help enable a more efficient, sustainable and greener world.

Application of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions in industries can provide insights to make the right decisions that lead to conservation of our planet. Users who are aware and better informed, can take actions to optimize operations which in turn leads to lower energy consumption, hence reducing CO2 emissions.

IIoT solutions are used to constantly monitor and provide information on pollution levels in our environment. Insights from these data enables governments, enterprises and communitieseveryone is responsible to take swift actions to contain and control pollution levels, as well as minimise harm to the environment. Continuous data collection also allows us to monitor effectiveness of conservation and establish pre-emptive actions.

IoT technology not only contributes to industry operational excellence and competitiveness, but also supports governments and nations to achieve sustainability goals. As a society, we continue to face enormous environmental challenges. IoT is one of the most useful tools in our fight for environmental balance and for a better world.

MarketsandMarkets forecasts the global Big Data Market size to grow from USD 138.9 billion in 2020 to USD 229.4 billion by 2025. The major growth factors of the big data market include the increasing awareness of Internet of Things (IoT) devices among multiple organizations. Xperanti hopes to see more IIoT solutions implemented to save our earth.


1. SMART SUNGAI & SMART LONGKANG | water level & quality monitoring

Remotely monitor water quality and level of river, drains, reservoirs and lakes. Monitor various water quality levels, most commonly pH, Turbidity and Dissolved Oxygen.

  • Monitor water quality levels
  • Improve water quality by monitoring pollution levels
  • Early warning alerts for conservation efforts / environmental agencies
  • Continuously monitor water quality after conservation levels


2. SMART UDARA | outdoor & indoor air quality monitoring

Real-time monitoring of indoor and outdoor air quality levels.

  • Efforts can be taken to control air pollution levels
  • Monitor effectiveness of conservation efforts by viewing data
  • Narrow down air pollution sources – this can lead to immediate action to contain and reduce pollutions
  • Data from indoor temperature levels are effectively used to reducing energy consumption, leading to reduction of CO2 and Carbon levels.


3. SMART METER | real-time remote monitoring

Smart Meters provide real-time consumption levels of water/electricity and gas.

  • Awareness to users on consumption leading to conscious usage. This will lead to reduced energy generation hence reducing CO2 and Carbon levels
  • Utilities are more aware of any leakages and consumption trend. This becomes a tool for conservation efforts
  • Reducing leakages improves operation efficiency, hence reducing energy generation


4. SMARTER PARKING SOLUTION | intelligent parking monitoring system

Monitors and provides real time parking spot status throughout the city.

  • Provide drivers with a tool to plan their trip based on available parking spots and even use public transport.
  • Drivers spend less time looking for parking, this directly relates to reduced carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.
  • Parking usage data can be guidelines for planning more sustainable parking solutions.


5. SMARTER LAMPU SOLUTION | street light monitoring & control

Monitors and controls street light consumption remotely.

  • View and study consumption pattern remotely and make decisions to increase efficiency. This can lead to reduction in electricity consumption, reducing CO2 and Carbon levels.
  • Reactive action towards alerts on maintenance efforts.
  • Remotely control, set schedules and even automate switch On/Off of street lights for more optimized energy consumption.

SMART LAMPUIIoT solutions allows us to gather data on our environment and consumption behaviour. The collection of this insights allows us to make more efficient decisions which will lead to saving our planet. Collective small actions will lead to bigger outcomes.

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