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August 5, 2020
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Xperanti: Addressing Water Distribution Challenges

Smart water challenge


Smart water challenge
Note: Smarter Water Distribution is part of Xperanti’s Smart Cities solution portfolio


IOT FOR SMARTER WATER DISTRIBUTION – A water distribution system is one in which the drinking water is transported from the centralised treatment plant to the consumers´ taps. These systems aim to supply & preserve the quality & quantity of water, as well as maintain sufficient pressures in the distribution of water. These systems consist of a network of pipes, pumps, valves, storage tanks, reservoirs & other components.

By 2030, global water demand may exceed water supply by 40%, reducing water accessibility for citizens & agricultural production. Water management actions taken today will determine the sustainability of our quality of life, & our ability to adapt to a changing environment.

To help cities better understand their water systems, IoT applications can provide continuous data that allow water operators to observe the integrity, make better decisions & improve the revenue of a system.

Additionally, the water data can help determine predictive maintenance of pumps, distribution networks, or storage cisterns. Through these types of solutions, water operators are able to repair breaks within a smart water system before incidents occur, saving capital, material cost & increasing ROI.

Continuous data from IoT systems can unlock insights into supply & demand, allowing for data-driven decisions that will determine how cities determine water pricing, & invest in infrastructure that will enable them to fulfill both short & long-term water management goals.

Smarter Water Distribution is an essential component in developing Smart Cities – using technology & data to work to make better decisions & improve the quality of life of the community. Successful customer references globally include Belgium & France.