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The Time is Now for Smarter Parking

smart parking


smart parking

Note: Smarter Parking is part of Xperanti’s Smart Cities solution portfolio

Smarter Parking – MORE than just smart car parking

Smarter Parking is an essential component in building a modern Smart City – using technology and data to work to make better decisions and improve the quality of life of the community.

While a basic smart parking removes the unpredictability of a parking spot, a smarter parking system enables parking operators to monitor parking occupancy rates in real time – remotely and automatically, that can scale and integrate with other technologies (such as detection sensors, smart parking meters, smart payment for parking, navigation apps for parking guidance etc).

The real value of incorporating IoT technology into the parking system lies in the parking data generated. More comprehensive, real-time data will help both local councils and agencies to understand demand patterns, and to respond faster, with practical and cost-effective solutions leading to real innovation in smart cities.

Proven global references

Across the world, smart parking innovations are proving critical to solving parking woes in some of the world’s most congested cities. Smarter parking solutions based on Sigfox IoT technology has a number of successful customer references globally including Taiwan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Netherlands.
The same benefits can be reaped based on the successful use cases in Europe and Middle East i.e. efficiency in parking operations and patrolling costs, optimized parking spaces in the city, reduced traffic congestion and pollution levels, as well as improved parking compliance from alerts on overstays or non-payment, as well as visibility on car park usage and trends for future planning.

Industry 4.0 based innovation

Intelligent parking and innovative space management are key to sustainable mobility, which aims to significantly reduce traffic and pollution, while decreasing the costs of services at the same time. Xperanti’s Smarter Parking solution is non-intrusive and easy to deploy, as well as being low maintenance with long battery life. The system gives 24/7 access to parking data with insights to make data-driven decisions related to parking policy optimization & parking operations management.

IR4.0-based innovation is the way of the future in a connected world especially when data collected provides business insights enabling us to form better decisions in city-planning. It will not only boost growth & development potential, but also empowers all participants in the city’s ecosystem to contribute to a city’s triple-bottom-line: social, environmental and economic.