Our Solutions

Xperanti offers end-to-end IoT solutions that deliver powerful informed insight for your business. We support you along every step of your IoT journey, offering industry leading technology utilising the world’s most extensive IoT networks to deliver connected business solutions with impact.



Low power wide area network (LPWAN) and Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) modulation offer nationwide coverage.


Ultra low-power energy consumption to ensure long battery life.


Innovative technologies provide solutions up to 10x cheaper than rival cellular technologies.


High resistance to interference alongside encrypted networks to keep your data safe.

Simple Solutions

Open API integration and cross-platform and network compatibility delivers flexible IOT solutions.


Complementary Network Technologies

Xperanti provides full cross-platform compatibility - Sigfox is compatible with Bluetooth, GPS 2G/3G/4G and Wifi. By combining other connectivity solutions with Sigfox, business cases and user experience can be drastically improved.

This is Business Intelligence for a Connected Age; High Efficiency Devices Delivering Highly Actionable Data



Devices on the go, offering real-time
insight that provides data when you
need it. Enjoy increased oversight that
delivers improved decision making.



Systems remotely to provide instantly
actionable strategic information. Access
connected communication that eliminates
barriers to action and empowers business



Operational challenges before they occur
utilising extensive data insight and analysis.
Predictive maintenance and informed
operational needs drive efficiency and
reduce downtime.